Mimicking the Uniqueness of Nature

"While the terminology for this subject is relatively new, the practice of biomimicry has been going on for some time"(1).  Biomimetics  is the process of applying methods and systems, found in nature, to engineering and technology with the intention to produce effective solutions to complex, real-world problems. It is also known as Bionics, Biognosis, and Biomimicry. Business people, engineers, and scientists look to nature for inspiration because, though it went through billions of years of trial and error, it resulted in effective solutions to today's inefficient ways.

When planning to put biomimetics into action, one of the three is usually considered- replicating natural methods by plants and animals, mimicking mechanisms present in nature, or imitating the organizational aspects from social behavior of different organisms. (2) Another thing essential to properly using biomimetics to better the efficiency in life is that "instead of acting like we are separate from nature, today's society needs to accept that we are part of it and we should be behaving accordingly". We need to emulate the form or functions of the nature around us and "learn from the way nature produces things or evolves"(1).


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